Wisconsin: Cuba City School District Community Safe Room Project

School district will build community safe room to protect a high-density population during disasters

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Cuba City, Wisconsin: $8.79 million

Project Description

Cuba City, a small community of 2,187 residents, is at risk to tornadoes and other severe weather events. The most significant high-density, at-risk population is the student body at the Cuba City School District. The existing refuge areas are insufficient to protect the city’s high-density populations.

The Cuba City School District Community Safe Room Project aims to mitigate these risks by constructing a 22,551-square-foot concrete safe room that can provide safety to residents and students during tornadoes with up to 250 mph winds. The project also includes the installation of a backup generator, construction of green spaces for flood mitigation, and using the safe room as an evacuation structure for other emergencies or disasters.

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