Washington: Construction of Jones Setback Levee

A nature-based solution restores floodplain connectivity and mitigates flood risk to schools, homes, emergency services and transportation networks.

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Orting, Washington: $15.54 million

Project Description

The city of Orting, a community of 9,004 residents, lies in the upper Puyallup River valley. Based on the most recent analysis, the city now expects moderate and severe flooding to occur more often. The Jones Levee currently reduces flood risk to the city. Based on the new data, the city proposes building a nature-based setback levee.

This project would mitigate flood risks to residential structures, restore floodplain connectivity to about 50 acres, and functionally lift wetlands. The proposed levee will consist of an earthen core with face rock and a buried toe of jetty stone. It will address flooding for three schools, a police department, fire department, and the only major roadway in the area. This will also improve natural riverine functions that are vital to fish and wildlife.

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