Washington: Acquisition of Valley Brook Mobile Home Park and Floodplain Reconnection

Pierce County is proposing to acquire a mobile home park to restore land to a natural floodplain.

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Tacoma, Washington: $10 million

Project Description

The Valley Brook mobile home park is located in a regulated floodplain where seven major flooding events have affected the community since the 1960s. To mitigate future flooding events, Pierce County will acquire and demolish the 41 structures of the park, including 40 residential homes and a community center. Forty families will benefit by being given holistic relocation support.

By returning the floodplain to its natural function, this project provides a nature-based solution to reduce flooding by reconnecting roughly seven acres of floodplain. It will also create a critical intertidal refuge habitat for salmon. The project will safeguard community-wide environmental and public health as flooding of Valley Brook’s septic system could cause water quality issues.

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