Florida: Flood Mitigation with Living Levee, Shoreline and Pump Station Repairs

Optimizing structures and providing nature-based solutions to combat increased flood risk and sea level rise threats in one of the nation’s most rapidly growing areas.

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South Florida Water Management, Florida: $50 Million

This is a Justice40 project.


The project is located within one of the nation’s most diverse and growing urban areas of the country, Miami-Dade County. Real estate development along the waterfront has created a high-risk flood zone for communities in the city. Combined with sea level rise, these problems are only going to increase. Rapid urbanization since the pandemic has put pressure on the current systems, making new repairs to existing structures needed for optimization. 

Project Description

The project will maximize the risk reduction benefits and co-benefits of natural and nature-based solutions, such as short- and long-term environmental, economic, and social advantages that improve a community’s quality of life and make it more attractive to new residents and businesses. Extensive land development and population increases within the area have already exceeded the original design assumptions of structures to mitigate for flooding. Significant changes in climate conditions and sea level rise have also impacted the area and are limiting flood protection operations. 

To mitigate future damage in the highly populated area, South Florida Water Management will install a living shoreline to assist in reducing erosion, elevate and enhance canal banks, construct a tie back levee to provide storm surge protection, and replace a pump station that will convey flood waters to tide when downstream water elevations are too high to allow gravity flow.

Last updated August 23, 2022