New Jersey: Homeowners Suffer Repetitive Losses and Want to Eliminate Future Flood Loss By Selling Their Homes

Homeowners impacted by the stress, financial loss and loss of quality of life are willing to sell their homes and move away from the constant flooding in their community.

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Somerset County, New Jersey: $6.75 Million


Somerset County is one of the most flood vulnerable riverine areas in New Jersey. Historically there have been numerous severe floods in the county repeatedly damaging property and disrupting tens of thousands of lives.  Most recently, Somerset County and its municipalities were devastated by Hurricane Ida which substantially damaged numerous homes and displaced residents requiring the need for federal disaster assistance for individuals and families including rental assistance, essential home repairs, personal property losses, and other serious disaster-related needs. 

Project Description

The proposed project is to acquire 16 National Flood Insurance Program insured properties, of which nine are FEMA Severe Repetitive Loss properties and four are Repetitive Loss properties. Of the 16 properties, seven are substantially damaged.  The acquisition of these properties will provide complete and permanent protection from future flooding events.

The property owners voluntarily agreed to sell their properties and eliminate future flood damage. The reclaimed land will be dedicated as open space in perpetuity by deed restriction (consistent with the FEMA Model Deed Restriction) and recorded with the county and provided to the state and FEMA.

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