Georgia: Springfield Canal Improvement/Historic Carver Village and Cloverdale Flood Reduction Project

Mitigating future flood damage in a historically underserved community.

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Savannah, Georgia: $30.15 Million

This is a Justice40 project.


Savannah, a coastal Georgia city, is separated from South Carolina by the Savannah River. Carver Village is a historically Black neighborhood in Savannah that was established in 1948 as an affordable housing community and was home to many active military and veterans. The district contains more than 500 houses, churches, buildings and sites. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2019. 

Project Description

The proposed activity for this project involves a phased approach. Phase one will include the preliminary project development work needed to prepare the project for construction. Primary responsibilities will include engineering and design, permitting, community engagement, and property acquisitions. Phase two will include construction of the project. The construction plan will be tailored to address Phase one engineering and design deliverables.  

The anticipated workflow will include contractor procurement, field surveying, demolition or relocation of improvements, excavation, and structural/bank stabilization. Proposed improvements are required to convey stormwater runoff from existing ground within these neighborhoods to the Springfield Canal as soon as possible to assist with minimizing flooding potential within the community and existing water and sewer utilities will be relocated in certain areas to accommodate the stormwater improvements.

Last updated August 23, 2022