Puerto Rico: From Recovery to Resilience

Efforts to help rebuild Puerto Rico after hurricanes María and Fiona, and the earthquakes, are paving the way for an unprecedented opportunity to recover in a way that builds resilience. In coordination with the Government of Puerto Rico, the pace of the recovery has gained momentum in the last several years as new infrastructure, permanent repairs, and reconstruction can be seen across the island. FEMA is committed to supporting the government of Puerto Rico as we maximize this opportunity to build Puerto Rico back in a way that is stronger and can lessen the impacts of future severe weather events.

This is a whole of society effort, bringing together communities and local leaders to understand their vulnerabilities, find sustainable solutions that help advance equity and climate adaptation, and ensure recovery is community driven. And FEMA can’t do this alone. With the support of the entire federal family, FEMA has faced the challenges in Puerto Rico’s recovery by implementing innovative solutions to strengthen communities and better serve the island’s residents. The road to recovery will bring new obstacles, and together with local communities and all of government, FEMA is ready to face them and help Puerto Rico thrive.

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