New York and New Jersey Port Authority: Elevation Floodproofing of Building 111

Critical infrastructure protection for an essential trading port.

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Port Authority, New York and New Jersey: $2 Million


Established in 1921, the Port Authority is a joint venture between New York and New Jersey which oversees transportation and infrastructure between the two states. The majority of Building 111, constructed in 1997, is owned and operated by the Port Authority and utilized by the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal as the primary pump station for domestic water and fire suppression systems throughout the Marine Terminal. Building 111 is a single open space housing all of the pumps, with separate control, electrical equipment, generator, and fuel tanks in the northeast corner of the building. The building is located in an area at risk for flooding.

Project Description

To protect and provide resilience to the facility, the Port Authority has proposed a hazard mitigation approach that consists of elevation of all critical electrical and mechanical equipment within the Building 111 Domestic Water and Fire Pump Station. The Port Authority is pursuing this cost-effective infrastructure approach to reduce the risk of future flood damage to the critical facility.

Last updated August 19, 2022