North Carolina: Upper Yadkin River Floodplain Resiliency Initiative for Town of Jonesville

The Floodplain Resiliency Initiative will protect a portion of the Greenway Trail and enhance local businesses. 

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Jonesville, North Carolina: $7.21 million

Project Description

The Greenway Trail along the Yadkin River in Jonesville and its surrounding areas are prone to severe flooding resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. Through targeted streambank stabilization and restoration efforts along the river and four tributaries, the project will implement traditional and nature-based solutions to protect the streambank and reconnect the river to the floodplain.  

The project will establish new native vegetation along the river and stream slopes resulting in improved habitat and reinforcement of the strength and stability of the Jonesville Greenway Trail. These efforts will provide flood protection to the Greenway Trail, shelters, parking areas, and neighboring commercial businesses. 

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