North Carolina: Mollies Branch Stream Restoration and Infrastructure Improvements

The city of Whiteville undertakes floodplain restoration as a critical component of their flood reduction planning.

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Whiteville, North Carolina: $3.70 million

Project Description

Whiteville is a rural and disadvantaged community of 4,826 residents. The community has adopted a flood mitigation strategy to combat extensive flooding from past rainfall events and storms. This project involves restoring the Mollies Branch stream channel as part of a broader strategy to leverage nature-based solutions and improve infrastructure for flood mitigation.

Several initiatives include restoring about 5,100 linear feet of floodplain, modifying four roadways, and expanding an area of constructed wetlands within the Central Middle School recreational complex. The outcome of this project is anticipated to reduce the Water Surface Elevation by 2 to 4 feet during smaller flood events (e.g., 10-year event) and up to 2 feet during larger flood events (e.g., 100-year event). This project construction and expanded wetland will reduce flooding to the building and roadways.

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