North Carolina: Bay River Metropolitan Sewer District Facultative Lagoon System Renovation and Capacity Upgrades

Pamlico County launches a thorough project to prevent lagoon failure and improve sewer infrastructure.

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Pamlico County, North Carolina: $7.65 million

Project Description

Pamlico County includes areas along the Neuse River, Bay River, Pamlico Sound, Outer Banks, and Intracoastal Waterway. The problem is the high risk of catastrophic failure of the Oriental Lagoon during a storm. Such failures have led to the diversion of 200,000 gallons per day from the lagoon and reduced the sewer capacity for the whole county. This burden, combined with failing septic systems in vulnerable areas, poses threats to waterways, drainage areas, fishing, recreation, and the environment in multiple counties.

To address this, the project aims to repair dykes; increase the depth of the lagoon; install aerators and baffle curtains; and convert the lagoon system to a partial mix aerated lagoon to prevent failure. The project also involves buying land to expand capacity. It will create a spray site for treated wastewater to aid failing septic systems as well. These mitigation measures aim to prevent lagoon failure, protect water quality, reduce hazards, and provide sewer connections for affected residents, farms, and fishing grounds in the region.

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