New York: New York City Department of Environmental Protection Corona East Cloudburst Hub Project

The Corona East Cloudburst Hub Project will enhance the stormwater infrastructure using nature-based and climate-adaptive drainage solutions to reduce damage caused by intense rainfall. 

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New York City, New York: $49.99 million

Project Description

The Corona East area in New York City faces chronic flooding and extreme rainfall events including cloudbursts are becoming more frequent, disruptive, and dangerous. Existing storm sewers do not have enough capacity to manage divert water during high-density rainfall events. The project involves installing a nature-based and climate-adaptive drainage solution to mitigate damage and disruption from stormwater flooding during high intensity rain events in the Corona neighborhood of Queens, New York.   

By incorporating porous pavement and asphalt, the project will enhance the stormwater infrastructure's capacity and reduce local flooding. The proposed interventions also include subsurface and surface storage. This project is part of a broader effort by New York City to meet aggressive commitments to provide transformational, neighborhood-scale resiliency strategies to address near-term impacts in vulnerable neighborhoods. 

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