New York: Breukelen Houses Stormwater Protection

Large community housing complex in Brooklyn, New York will implement multi-functional nature-based solutions to increase flood resilience and reduce the impacts of extreme heat.

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New York, New York: $19.84 Million

This is a Justice40 project.


Breukelen Houses, also known as Brookline Projects, is a large housing complex in Brooklyn. The public housing complex was developed in the early 1950s to meet housing needs in the wake of World War II. In 2007, the Breukelen Community Center welcomed unhoused people as one of nine winter emergency “warming spots” in New York City. In 2015, the Breukelen Houses were the third highest in the city in need of repair due to New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) capital needs.

Project Description

New York City is embracing an innovative design solution to utilize existing urban amenities and places to serve multi-functional roles. These places will provide subsurface space to manage rainfall runoff with inclusion of nature-based solutions such as green infrastructure, resilient planting, and community spaces. These spaces can provide relief from the impacts of extreme heat during summer for residents and community. This project will install a cost-effective stormwater management system that includes nature-based solutions with multi-functional benefits that will improve the overall resiliency of Breukelen Houses and the surrounding areas. NYCHA will work closely with residents, specifically the Breukelen Resident Community Council, to ensure that the mitigation outcome benefits the community. Furthermore, NYCHA will continue its partnership with Green City Force to ensure that the maintenance of resilient stormwater features is consistent, and contributes to the development of green jobs pathways for NYCHA residents.

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