Nevada: Hobart Creek Reservoir Dam Resilient Infrastructure Project

Nevada performs a critical infrastructure upgrade to the Hobart Creek Reservoir Dam to enhance safety and protect the water supply.

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Carson City, Nevada: $10.58 million

Project Description

The Hobart Creek Reservoir Dam is a vital infrastructure to the state. The State of Nevada Public Works Division owns the dam and it serves as part of the Marlette Water System. The dam provides water to various communities including Carson City, Gold Hill, Silver City and Virginia City.

This project aims to improve the dam's structure, spillway and associated components, such as outlet piping and control systems. This work will help to mitigate the risk of a catastrophic breach during earthquakes or major precipitation events. The project will replace earthen material, add sediment filters, upgrade the spillway and bridge, and install a modern control system. These improvements will enhance the dam's safety. They will also reduce the potential for liquefaction. This will protect downstream communities, the water supply, and surrounding areas.

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