Wisconsin: Pheasant Branch Tributary Greenway

Vital economic and business community in a growing region secures flood protection for the next century.

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Madison, Wisconsin: $6.03 Million


Home of the state’s flagship public university, Madison, Wisconsin, is the state’s capital, current second-largest city, and fastest-growing city. The Old Sauk Trails Business Park, which is the area specifically targeted by the project, has experienced several flood events including, most recently, in August 2018, when an extreme rain event caused about $30 million in damage.

Project Description

The Pheasant Branch Tributary Greenway Enhancement project is an infrastructure project that is designed to mitigate flood risks through improvements to capacity and flood storage of greenway channels, expansion of three small stormwater ponds into a larger wet greenway storage area, improvements to concrete culverts, and improvements to storm sewers. Across the work, project leads will seek to integrate nature-based solutions, including eliminating invasive species and increasing native plants. By implementing these plans, the Old Sauk Trails Business Park and surrounding community will be protected from flooding for up to a 100-year storm event.  

Last updated August 19, 2022