Louisiana: Ascension Parish Elevation of Severe Repetitive Loss/Repetitive Loss Properties

The Parish of Ascension to elevate flood-prone properties and use nature-based solutions to reduce risk.

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Ascension Parish, Louisiana: $1.98 million

Ascension Parish proposes to elevate 13 flood-prone structures and install green infrastructure modifications with a total of 43 repetitive loss and severe repetitive loss paid claims across the structures. Structures will be elevated an additional two feet above the Base Flood Elevation and alternative properties with the Parish will be activated if a primary property is not able to proceed with the project.

Structures will be elevated using one or a combination of methods that include elevating the existing structure on piles, posts, or piers by wood frame elevation, slab elevation or slab separation, and/or elevating by vertically extending the foundation walls of the home.

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