Wyoming: Structure Relocation and Property Acquisition

Critical nature-based solution to rural community mitigates future flood risk.

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Lander, Wyoming: $2.09 Million


On the outskirts of the Wind River Range and along the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River, Lander, Wyoming serves as Fremont County’s seat and cultural and economic hub. The town is a tourist destination for travelers visiting the surrounding Wind River Range and Grand Tetons. 

Project Description

Funds will be used to purchase 4.63 acres of real estate and move 29 separate structures. The intent is to be proactive and restore the original floodplain to become free of hazards to life, property, and transportation corridors. This project mitigates the natural flooding hazard risk to residents living in the floodplain and to critical downstream infrastructure including the Main Street Bridge, which connects Lander to large population centers including the Winder River Reservation, airports, and rural medical facilities. Through the proposed nature-based solution of floodplain clearing and habitat restoration, Lander intends to reduce the risk of damage from high-intensity snowmelt and rainfall events. This work could prevent loss of life in 28 single family units and disrupting major transportation routes from potential damage and closure of the Main Street Bridge.

Last updated August 19, 2022