Texas: Borley Heights Relief Community Flood Mitigation Project

Repetitive flooding events call for draining improvements to address water in area homes.

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Jefferson County, Texas: $3.43 Million

This is a Justice40 project.


Heavy rainfall causes large water flows due to poor drainage systems and overflow from the Pine Island Bayou, which backs up ditches which then flood the local area.

Project Description

The Borley Heights Relief is a drainage project that will address shallow and moderate home flooding that has and will reoccur if not addressed. The Borley Heights Addition drains into a tributary of Griffing Ditch through a single box culvert under the Lower Neches Valley Authority (LNVA) Beaumont Irrigation Canal. Additionally, the drainage paths from the city streets to the box culverts are much too narrow and unmaintainable to successfully convey the flows at low enough elevations without home flooding. 

A second cause of flooding on the addition is back up flood water from Pine Island Bayou. The previously mentioned Griffing Ditch is a tributary of Pine Island Bayou.  Pine Island Bayou has a much larger watershed, 450,000 acres compared to Borley Heights 182 acres.  When an extremely heavy and widespread rainfall occurs such as during Harvey which inundated the entire Pine Island Bayou Watershed with 40 plus inches of rain, the Pine Island Bayou will back up Griffing Ditch and into Borley Heights.

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