Illinois: Machesney Park Acquisition and Demolition Within the Rock River Floodway

Machesney Park, Illinois, will buy parcels of residences to create open green space within the Rock River floodway.  

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Machesney Park, Illinois: $2.97 million

Project Description

Immediately east of the Rock River, the village of Machesney Park, Illinois, will purchase 19 parcels and demolish the residential structures that are all located in the floodplain and floodway (SFHA). Starting in 2008, Machesney Park has been acquiring parcels within the floodway and there are still over 100 owners who want to be included in the buyout program and have insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  

After the demolition, the village will retain the parcels as an open green space which will allow for more water storage during severe flooding events. This is a permanent mitigation solution due to the deed restrictions that will be placed on every parcel acquired. 

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