Illinois: DePue Wastewater Treatment Plant Rebuild

The village of DePue to relocate wastewater treatment plant out of floodplain

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DePue, Illinois: $23 Million

Project Description

DePue one of the first participants in the BRIC non-financial Direct Technical Assistance initiative in 2020. After heavy rain in 2008, several neighborhood roads in the village of DePue were flooded. The increased flow at the wastewater treatment plant caused raw sewage to back up into the basements of homes. As an economically disadvantaged rural community, DePue will build a new wastewater treatment plant on village property outside of the floodway and floodplain.

The old plant will be demolished and left as open space. The two north-south levee sections will be leveled, and the site will become a riparian habitat. The project also includes building two lift stations to get the influent into the new wastewater treatment plant. All building finished floors and doorways will be built above the 500-year flood level.

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