North Carolina: Sewage Pumping Station Relocation from Floodway

Relocating and improving critical infrastructure in a rural hub. 

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Hillsborough, North Carolina: $5.81 Million


Hillsborough is a racially diverse community that sits on the banks of the Eno River. Its population is rapidly growing, from 6,087 in 2010 to 9,660 in 2020.

Project Description

The town of Hillsborough will relocate its largest sewage pumping station, the River Pumping Station (RPS), out of the floodway and Special Flood Hazard Area. Currently, the RPS sits on the banks of the Eno River and is vulnerable to flooding. The pump station has been threatened by flood events eight times since being constructed, including events as recently as 2017 and 2019. The proposed location will be outside of the floodway and Special Flood Hazard Area and will allow the current 1.5-acre site to be returned to riparian space. This will yield environmental benefits in terms of recreation/tourism, water filtration and erosion control. There are several partners that will enhance the mitigation project outcome and ensure project success. The OWASA and TWP will be engaged in aspects of project development and implementation. Orange County and the fire department serving Hillsborough, the Orange Rural Fire Department, have also provided letters of support for this project.

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