Gallatin County, Montana Completes HAZUS-Multi Hazard Earthquake Study

GALLATIN COUNTY, MT - Gallatin County, Montana recently completed a comprehensive, two-year study of the potential impacts of two scenario earthquakes: a maximum probable event and a maximum credible event. The study results are being used by several local agencies and organizations.

The Gallatin County Department of Emergency Services is incorporating regional loss estimates into planning for earthquake mitigation, response and recovery.

The eighteen fire districts in the county are using the Hazus-Multi Hazard (Hazus-MH) loss estimate maps to support operations planning. The Gallatin Water Quality District is using the study results to reassess the vulnerability of the county’s water supply and distribution system.

The Gallatin County study is unique in several respects:

  •  It is the product of collaboration between the Gallatin County GIS Department, Gallatin County Department of Emergency Services and nearly three dozen other agencies.
  • Over thirty data layers were updated in an effort to significantly improve and enhance the Hazus-MH inventory.
  • Emphasis was placed on the development of user-friendly products, including a series of large format maps that can easily be used to support analysis and decision-making.
  • Utilities played a prominent role throughout the planning process, which added value to the final products.

A complete suite of products from this study can be found on the Gallatin County website.



Gallatin County:

Last updated February 11, 2021