North Carolina: Flood Protection with Improved Drainage Infrastructure

Improving infrastructure to protect vulnerable communities in a rapidly growing region.

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Fayetteville, North Carolina: $2.61 Million

This is a Justice40 project.


Fayetteville is a major population center in south-central North Carolina and is a major junction point along Interstate 95. It is a majority black city that has seen immense growth over the past 20 years. While 18% of the population falls under the poverty line, the city has seen economic growth primarily from the Department of Defense’s Fort Bragg.

Project Description

With the Wayland Drive Drainage Improvements project, the city of Fayetteville will promote community resilience by mitigating the impacts of flood risk to historically flooded properties near Wayland Drive and the surrounding area. There are three main elements to the project: diverting drainage with new ditches, downstream drainage improvements, and a new downstream stormwater storage area (north of Old Bunce Road). As part of the project, nature-based solutions via vegetation and green infrastructure will be examined during final design to provide additional benefits. Drainage interventions proposed here will consider local ecosystems to bolster sustainability and will coexist with existing infrastructure. This project will help reduce flooding from high-intensity rainfall events by an average of 2 feet during the 25-year storm, with significant reductions in potential floods for more intense storms. Overall, the project will benefit a total of 18,738 people and 23 structures. The city of Fayetteville aims to build a culture of preparedness and foster partnerships through Wayland Drive Drainage Improvements. This project plans to work with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, state officials, and the city’s Stormwater Advisory Board.

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