Connecticut: Resilient Bridgeport Coastal Flood Defense System

The Resilient Bridgeport Coastal Flood Defense System is a system-based approach to climate resilience in an environmental justice community. 

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Bridgeport, Connecticut: $47.58 million

Project Description

Bridgeport is Connecticut’s most populous city with low-lying geography and aging infrastructure. The project will address risk from coastal storm surge and regular rainfall events by leveraging a combination of gray and green infrastructure, including a storm surge protection barrier, a pump station, and green infrastructure components such as bioswales and rain gardens.  

The Bridgeport Coastal Flood Defense System will protect the sound end area of the city, about 65 acres housing a public park and the Bridgeport Harbor currently in the 100-year floodplain and is designed to accommodate up to 2.5 feet of sea level rise over the 50-year design lifetime of the project. 

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