California: Belvedere Lagoon Coastal Levee System Resiliency Project

Mitigating sea level rise risk from storms and seismic activity.

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Belvedere, California: $15.61 Million


Consisting of two islands in the San Francisco Bay, Belvedere, with a population in the low thousands, is at risk of flooding due to seismic activity as well as sea level rise.

Project Description

Belvedere Lagoon is under threat from sea level rise and coastal overtopping. The level of impact on life and damage to property varies depending on the severity of an event but could be widespread. The city of Belvedere embarked on an extensive planning effort to better define the problem, engage the community and stakeholders and find a feasible, reasonable solution to address the problem. The planning effort culminated in conducting an alternative analysis in 2020.

The objective of the design is to mitigate the hazards of flooding as a result of the existing deficient levees in order to protect life and property along the shorelines and in the lagoon area. The alternative analysis found the most effective and feasible alternative to be a combination of the strengthening and the raising of the existing barriers.

Last updated August 16, 2022