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Author: Bob Fenton
More than 7,000 welcome packets were mailed this week to our Disaster Assistance Employees who successfully applied to become members of our new Reservist Program. These packets contained each reservist’s appointment letter assigning their position and cadre; and a “Conditions of Employment” form that must be signed and returned by Sept. 23, 2012.During the transition of our disaster workforce this summer, we implemented a three-level review process for all applicants.  The process consisted of a preliminary review of applications to determine basic qualifications; applicants were then...
Posted On: September 14, 2012
Author: Bob Fenton
This past week we kicked off the paneling processes where Reservist Program Managers and cadre specific Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) pour over the applications, accumulated experience, and training & deployment records. The process is continuing this week and we expect to have selection determinations out to DAEs in August. I have reviewed the business process rules, the proposed workforce structures and the qualifications of those SMEs assigned to performing these tasks. I am confident that upon completion of this Reservist selection process we will have placed the right people, with...
Posted On: July 17, 2012
Author: Bob Fenton
The Reservist Program introduction is in full swing and our National Cadre managers and Office of Human Capital teams are engaged to make this transition as smooth as possible. I’ve received quite a few emails and phone calls from you and realize some are concerned about the application process. We’re committed to making all of this as transparent and easy to understand as possible. Below is a list of important points concerning the application process.Key Points: The application period opening June 15th is for current DAEs only. This will be the only time that the application period is...
Posted On: June 8, 2012
Author: Bob Fenton
Over the last several months, FEMA has made great strides in being more active and inclusive with our employee communication…especially as it pertains to those who are part of our reservist program. Using all the tools at our disposal, we’re even including the use of the FEMA blog to help ensure we’re providing information to our workforce in a timely fashion.After the Town Hall meetings and Think Tank sessions, we have received e-mails from many of you suggesting that the Response Directorate stay in touch with you about the Disaster Assistance Employee transition to the Reservist Program....
Posted On: June 5, 2012
Author: Bob Fenton
I wanted to call attention to one of Administrator Fugate's recent posts on Twitter. For those who might not know, the U.S. National Grid (USNG) is a standard that provides a nationally consistent language of location.  It breaks the United States into a series of grids, which can be used to reference an exact location on a map.For many years, the USNG has been taught and used by the military, known as the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), and used as the preferred way to reference location and navigate from point A to point B.  MGRS is taught and used on every operational...
Posted On: February 10, 2011