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Author: Andrew Slaten
Building a “Culture of Preparedness” and readying a nation for disaster isn’t limited to the United States. A three-day summit at the Emergency Management Institute that focused on emergency management training and education continues the collaboration between FEMA and Mexico’s National Center for Disaster Prevention. Supported by the U.S. Northern Command’s Humanitarian Assistance Branch, the two agencies agreed to a six to 10 year project that will strengthen emergency management training and education in both countries. They committed to sharing knowledge in...
Posted On: August 8, 2018
Author: Andrew Slaten
In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the Government of Mexico generously reached out to the United States to offer life-saving and life-sustaining assistance to survivors in Puerto Rico. Even as Mexico was recovering from several disasters of its own, Mexican authorities worked closely with FEMA’s International Affairs Division to determine what assistance was most urgent for Puerto Rico. The Government of Mexico committed $100,000 for the purchase of humanitarian aid, and also dispatched Mexican experts to support recovery efforts.September saw Mexico struck by two hurricanes, Katia...
Posted On: November 16, 2017