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Author: Glenn Gaines
Posted by: Glenn Gaines, Deputy Fire Administrator for the U.S. Fire Administration During the Thanksgiving holiday, many families gather in the kitchen to spend time together, but it can be one of the most hazardous rooms in your home. Before you begin your holiday meal preparations, I would like to remind everyone that cooking equipment, most often a range or stovetop, is the leading cause of reported home fires and home fire injuries in the United States. Cooking equipment is also the leading cause of unreported fires and associated injuries.The number of cooking fires increases...
Posted On: November 21, 2011
Author: Glenn Gaines
Throughout Fire Prevention Week, I’ve reflected on the changes in how we prepare for and prevent fires, as well as the importance of properly using a fire extinguisher. To wrap up the week, I wanted to remind you that protecting your family and home from fire all begins with prevention. Have working smoke alarms in your home Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms are one of the best and least expensive means of providing an early warning of a potentially deadly fire and could reduce the risk of dying from a fire in your home by almost half. A smoke alarm stands guard around the...
Posted On: October 14, 2011
Author: Glenn Gaines
At the U.S. Fire Administration, we receive numerous questions throughout the year (and especially during Fire Prevention Week) related to home fire safety, but none more so than questions related to fire extinguishers.The use of a fire extinguisher in the hands of a trained adult can be a life and property saving tool. However, a majority of adults have not had fire extinguisher training and may not know how and when to use them. Several years ago when I was still on the job as Chief with the Fairfax County Fire/Rescue department, I recall an incident to which my fire company was dispatched...
Posted On: October 13, 2011
Author: Glenn Gaines
During this 89th Fire Prevention Week (October 9-15, 2011), take a moment and reflect with me on how far we’ve come and where we need to go to protect our families and communities from fire. Before I discuss some of the changes in the firefighting and fire prevention landscape, the most important thing to remember is you can do your part to make your family safer from the risk of fire.What You Can DoThe following tips will help you keep your family and homes safer, everyday: Establish and practice an emergency escape plan that includes at least two exits out of your home and designate a...
Posted On: October 12, 2011
Author: Glenn Gaines
We often say it takes a team to prepare and be ready for disasters. This week, USFA and other members of the emergency management team will be providing tips to make our families and homes safer everyday so that we are better prepared for emergencies. This week is Fire Prevention Week, and I’m proud the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) is working with National Fire Protection Association and hundreds of other organizations to promote this year’s theme: It’s Fire Prevention Week! Protect Your Family from Fire!I’d like to start by asking a simple question - do you know if your home is fire-safe...
Posted On: October 11, 2011
Author: Glenn Gaines
As we often say at FEMA, getting neighborhoods prepared and making them a safer place is a team effort, at the federal, state, local, and community level. That’s why I’m proud the U.S. Fire Administration is working with the National Association of Town Watch to encourage fire and emergency medical service (EMS) personnel to partner with law enforcement and participate in the National Night Out.National Night Out is a program to promote neighborhood spirit and public safety-community partnerships, and over 15,000 communities are expected to host local events across the country.I wanted to...
Posted On: July 26, 2011
Author: Glenn Gaines
With all the Fourth of July celebrations this weekend, remember to be safe and leave the fireworks to the professionals.Independence Day is a highlight of the summer and for many people there’s a lot of excitement around setting off colorful fireworks and grilling outdoors. As you plan your Fourth of July celebration with family and friends, I wanted to share a few safety tips to ensure your holiday weekend is a safe one, too.Fireworks – Leave them to the ProsSadly, every year there are many injuries and deaths caused by amateur firework use. We ask that you leave the fireworks to the...
Posted On: June 30, 2011
Author: Glenn Gaines
Editor's Note: This post is from the U.S. Fire Administration's “Chief's Corner."In celebration of African American History Month this February, I thought it would be most appropriate to look back and remember African Americans who have lead the way in making American fire service history:  The oldest documents identifying government sanctioned African American firefighters were found in New Orleans, Louisiana. A devastating fire in July 1817 led the governing body to organize its people to avoid another conflagration. All draymen and their equipment as well as individual free men of...
Posted On: February 24, 2011
Author: Glenn Gaines
Every winter, we see the number of fires in homes or apartment buildings rise, especially as families turn to alternative sources of heating during the winter months. This year is no exception – and a new report released today by the U.S. Fire Administration finds that the threat of serious injury or death from residential fires is especially high for young children under the age of five.In fact, as USA Today reports this morning, according to this new study, 52 percent of all child fire deaths in 2007 involved children under the age of four, a slight increase from the most recent study...
Posted On: February 14, 2011
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