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Author: Jessica Geraci
When the flames started in an LA family’s kitchen, two parents were able to extinguish it with baking soda.  It was a technique their 11-year-old son had taught them only weeks before, after his second MySafe: LA class.  These classes are funded by the Assistance to Firefighters Grants, specifically the Fire Prevention & Safety Grant.   MySafe: LA was awarded in part to help fund a 3-part fire and life safety training.  The training is intended to spread fire safety awareness, as well as to inspire kids to want to grow up and become firefighters.  When...
Posted On: July 8, 2019
Author: Jessica Geraci
Amid rushed evacuations, strong winds, and approaching floodwaters of a disaster, chaos often ensues, forcing families to make impossible decisions about the animals that are part of their families. These situations may not always be preventable but having a plan in place can give your pets their best chance of staying safe during and after a hurricane.  Keep that plan, and the tools needed to implement it, within an emergency kit tailored specifically to your pet. Here’s the top 10 items recommended for your kit:Food. At least a three-day supply in an airtight,...
Posted On: June 13, 2019