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Author: Melissa Wiehenstroer
What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Me? I check the weather. The forecast sets the tone for my day, helps me decide what to wear, and lets me know if I should grab my umbrella or my sunglasses on my way out the door.Weather affects our lives in so many ways and at FEMA we’re always paying close attention to the forecast.We rely on timely, accurate weather models and forecasts so we can prepare the right resources to respond to severe weather events. We encourage everyone to pay attention to the weather too, especially since severe weather often arrives...
Posted On: April 21, 2017
Author: Melissa Wiehenstroer
I’m not ashamed to admit it. Remember the movie with the ragtag team of oil drillers who save the planet from a Texas-sized asteroid? I loved it. Sure, it was an absurd premise, but it made for a great action flick.Hollywood certainly dramatizes the threat of an asteroid impact, but some asteroids are, in fact, potentially hazardous to Earth. Therefore, at FEMA we have to be prepared to respond to them just like any other natural or man-made hazard.An asteroid impact is not a scenario emergency managers are used to dealing with.  They’re more used to things like hurricanes,...
Posted On: November 28, 2016