Translating COVID-19 Information to Increase Inclusion and Equity

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One of the biggest challenges we face at FEMA is making sure that we get important messages to the people who need them. Whether we are warning people about an approaching hurricane, explaining how to stay safe during an earthquake or sharing information on how to get vaccinated during a pandemic, communication is vital to the success of FEMA’s mission.

As FEMA continues to lead vaccination efforts, sharing accurate and timely information about the COVID-19 vaccinations is a primary focus. To ensure that our messages are reaching as many people as possible, we are increasing our efforts to support the language needs of people coming to federally supported vaccination centers.

FEMA provides over-the-phone interpretation in 187 languages at all federally supported vaccine centers, and we are also providing document translations. As of March 24, almost 2,500 calls have been answered in 54 languages. FEMA is also providing live on-demand American Sign Language interpreters at all federally supported community vaccination centers during each center’s hours of operation.

The information FEMA shares can be critical in helping people make fact-based decisions about whether they will get a vaccine. Whether people have questions about the vaccine itself, or are wondering what side effects they might experience, we want to provide clear, fact-based answers.

While local entities have provided in-person interpreters for many common languages, by using contracted interpretation services we can provide equal access to the vaccine to everyone who wants to get one — regardless of English proficiency. 

Visit the vaccine page for more ways that FEMA is working to get important information to everyone that needs it.

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