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Supporting Oroville


Members of FEMA Region 9's leadership team including the Acting Administrator get a briefing about the current state of affairs during the Oroville Dam Spillway incident in February 2017.

While much of California has been faced with historic drought, the last few weeks have been full of heavy rains and severe storms—a 180 degree turnaround.

This week, we’ve been focused on the spillways of the Oroville Dam—about 75 miles north of Sacramento—along with much of the rest of the country.

Spillways regulate the flow of water into or out of dams and when they are damaged by erosion, impacted by debris, or hindered in any way, there can be serious consequences—including potentially dangerous flooding.

The Oroville Dam’s primary spillway was damaged by unexpected erosion as a result of heavy rains and an emergency spillway has also been impacted. Two separate spillway concerns have created a unique situation.

To support the community, we have been in close contact with the state of California and its Department of Water Resources. Right now, we have liaison officers deployed to California’s state emergency operations center as well as the Department of Water Resources operations center.

One of our incident management assistance teams has also been deployed to the state emergency operations center, where they will provide expertise and assistance as requested. These teams contain subject matter experts and extra sets of hands for state leadership in a variety of fields, including planning and logistics. They’re invaluable in the first stages of any incident—including a unique and rapidly changing one like this.

As part of the initial response, local officials issued mandatory evacuation orders. And as shelters opened across areas of northern California, requests came in for cots, blankets, and other emergency supplies. Along with our partners, the Red Cross, we maintain caches of emergency supplies across the country and have worked to provide them as requested.

As the situation has evolved, mandatory evacuations were lifted and changed to evacuation warnings—where people who live in areas that may be impacted by potential flooding should be on alert and ready to evacuate at any time.

Oroville itself is a very unique place, one that is steeped in rich Gold Rush history like much of northern California. As this situation continues to change, we will continue to change with and adapt to it—working to help the state and its impacted citizens.

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My company has many products you will need for repair (concrete supplies,rebar& tools) and erosion control (wattle,blankets,& plastic) and safety (fall protection & ppe) on the damn. I already deal with Sacramento Water Resources. Is there a contact in procurement for FEMA I could reach out to for bids or the Oroville job or vendor sheet?

I live and manage apartments in Yuba City. Some of my residents have asked me where the shelters in the are will be.In other words where will they go? Any information offered will be beneficial. Thank you

As citizen we face much speculation and Misinformation, I have many friends and Family throughout the Yuba Sutter Region and as of now we are not sure of routes or current evacuation has been changing which is also changing available evacuation routes.......the average working citizen cannot afford to guess much less all the extra expenditures that we have to encumber during this disaster

What People Don't Realize Is That Yes FEMA is Helping To Assist With The Oroville Dam But Not Yet Assisting The People Of Oroville Who Are Suffering From Displacement, Economic Hardship and No Financial Means To Re-stabilize Themselves. Can You Imagine Being Told That You Have An Hour To Live And To Run For Your Lives ? That Is The True Story Of What Happened To The People Of Oroville. With The Dam Still Not Repaired And Continued Erosion To Happen The People Of Oroville Have Been Left To Suffer By FEMA . Residents Of Oroville , Including Myself, Where I Have Spent Most Of My Life Are Not Being Given Registration Numbers Yet. Which Means That You Don't Actually Get Financial Assistance Until They Have Decided Its A " Disaster Disaster " . The Economic Injury To This Town Is Unfathomable. Its Been Almost 2 Weeks And Ive Lost My Business Because Of Something That Could Have Been Completely Avoidable By The California Government. When Will FEMA Help The People Of Oroville ? The White House Said They Were Going To Do Everything They Could To Help Oroville . We Are Begging It Please Be Today That We Can Get Our Registration Numbers. And We Also Hope That The Officials Of California Government Are Held Responsible For Their Decision To Not Use The Alotted 2.7 Billion Dollars Of Prop 1 In 2014 To Fix The Oroville Dam And Their Continued Negligence Before And After . .

The Junk Revolution is a hauling company that removes items like tree debris, furniture, and construction and household materials. We service the greater Sacramento area but will travel to Oroville to aid in removing items and debris. Is there a contact within the FEMA organization that I can reach out to that handles a vendor list?