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An Update on Louisiana Flooding


As much of the country switched on their air conditioners and poured cool drinks in an attempt to battle stifling temperatures on Friday afternoon, parts of Louisiana braced themselves for a flooding event of epic proportions.

While Louisianans are no strangers to flooding conditions, this round of flooding is unprecedented. Flood gauges across the state are hitting high levels with several areas not expecting to crest until later into the week.1

As the situation has evolved, we've continued to work with our partners in the state. Four parishes (East Baton Rouge, Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa) were declared as of Sunday night and so far, 14,000 residents have registered for FEMA assistance. (Residents of affected parishes can register via The declaration will help many Louisianans and the communities they live in start on their road to recovery. Damage assessments are continuing in other parishes, which may later be added to the declaration. 

While some places are able to begin their recovery process, others continue their response. First responders have been working around the clock to help those who have been affected. We've been coordinating with the state to make sure they have what they need.

To help support the response we've established two Incident Support Bases—staging areas for important commodities like blankets, cots, meals and water—so that they are ready and available should they be needed.

Mobile Emergency Response Teams and the people behind them have been deployed to one of the Incident Support Bases to support the state with voice, video and information services, helping bridge communications gaps for emergency response. And one of our Incident Management Assistance Teams was deployed to work hand-in-hand with state colleagues, to support response activities and ensure there are no unmet needs.

There are several resources available for those who have been impacted—whether you’re looking for loved ones in the area or if you’re looking for a way to help those who have been impacted.

Our thoughts are with Louisiana and will continue to be as we work side-by-side with our state and local counterparts.


Editor’s Note (Aug 17): For a full list of declared parishes, visit the Louisiana disaster page.



  1. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
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07/08/2017 - 10:22


I was wondering if they was gonna declare Vermilion parish as a disaster area. We were underwater. Water got in my home. My electricity was off. I lost my food. word messed up. And all my kids clothes. We even had to spend the night in the shelter. I apply for assistance. But they said. We were not declared a disaster area. ..... ??? Plz help me..

I have family down there and they are saying public officials are denying access to rescuers with boats.....someone needs to get this fixed and right now!

What about Ascension Parish? We have water halfway up our windows as does a lot of the area. Ascension is under water.

We own (and have flood insurance) on a property in East Baton Rouge Parish. This is not our primary residence. We will need at least a 2 and 1/2 hours notice to meet with an adjuster at the property.

I have no flood insurance my trailer got water what do I do now

I cannot get in touch with anyone on my rental properties. I have a phone number but have called a million times. Can someone call me please.

Please keep me informed as to the flooding disaster.

How can I assemble a workforce of 30 or so people and come find employment helping cleanup the flooded areas in Baton Rouge? I own a landscape company in Alabama. I do not know who or what department to contact to find work before I assemble the team and I can get 30 people likely overnight willing to come work every day.

My residence was not affected but many friends and neighbors' homes were impacted by this event. I would like to remain informed so as to assist them as they move forward in their recovery.

Did you receive my application ?

How can I help? I'm available. I live in Baton. Rouge, La. Who can I contact to help FEMA.

Thanks for the update

You suck brah

fema can't hepl nothing for us. i had two child one newborn and one seven yearold living in mobile home . we come application fema one moth ready but fame can hepl nothing for me .that so sad anytime fema say hepl any damage flooded but ther can't do nothing for us .sorry then. ?

I totally agree I have a friend who lives in baton rouge and he is not very happy about it.

I live in a little community called Colyell in Livingston Parish. The flood hit us hard, my brothers house had only 20 inches of his roof showing. People need to understand that FEMA can't give you back everything you lost, they help you to hopefully stay safe and point you in the right direction. My home is still a mess but FEMA did help us. They had to rescue us by boat and we had to stay two nights in a shelter until my son in law could get to us. It was the worse time of me life and I am still going through it but if it wasn't for FEMA, I don't know what we would have done or even if we would have survived. Thanks you FEMA.