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The New and Improved “FEMA Trailer”


When disasters impact communities across the country, the people affected by them can lose anything and often lose everything. It's a trying time for many of them; who may not even have a home to go back to or a place to call their own.

There can be multiple solutions to this problem. Some survivors can go stay with friends or family members. Some survivors are eligible to receive rental assistance. Some survivors are placed into manufactured housing units—when there’s no other place for them to go.

I can hear the questions now.

"But, wait. Aren't you talking about those FEMA trailers?"

Not exactly. These are manufactured housing units. These new units are designed to support the real world, longer-term needs of disaster survivors after a disaster and are equipped with new features designed to promote safety and accessibility, including residential sprinklers and accommodations for survivors with access and functional needs. Unlike many of the mobile homes we’ve relied on in the past, this next generation of temporary housing meets the rigid standards created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. And they’re built to house survivors much longer than previous units used after disasters too - an important consideration because rebuilding can take months or even years. According to Administrator Fugate, the Department of Housing and Urban Development's temporary and manufactured housing standards are the "gold standard." And it's true. Between the two agencies, there’s a common goal of making sure people and their property are safe and so through looking at all of the standards out there, we've found that those from the Department of Housing and Urban Development standards fit our needs best.  

These housing units aren't a one-size-fits-all solution, just like any other aspect of federal assistance. They aren't for everyone, and they're deployed in situations where there may not be any other housing options available. Several of these units have been used in California as a solution for survivors of the Butte and Valley fires that burned last summer.

With temporary housing, the term "temporary" carries a heavy weight. The word can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It could be a couple hours, a couple months, a couple weeks, or even a couple years--depending on who you ask. While these units are considered a temporary housing solution, we plan for however long "temporary" may be.

With that in mind, we've been working for a while now on a project that's designed to help these units last as well as protect the people living in them. We know that temporary housing units can be susceptible to an increased risk of fire.  We've worked with our partners at the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the United States Fire Administration to ensure that our manufactured housing units are now equipped with smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.

These sprinklers are known to help save lives when they've been implemented. Accidents happen, storms and other natural disasters happen, and like all other kinds of disasters in all other kinds of places, we have to be prepared for the ones inside homes too--even homes that are manufactured or temporary.

This is a big step forward for us—and one that we're very excited about taking. It’s come about after a long series of conversations with a lot of different partners and it’s very encouraging to see it finally come to life. Saving lives and property is a cornerstone to our mission—and these new manufactured housing units and improvements to our older units—help us achieve that mission.

Check out this video from the Administrator talking about all the improvements we've made...

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Need help please asap

Excellent adaptation of necessary life saving equipment in these trailers. Especially the strobe lights. Manufacturing, roll-out, deployment and staging around the country is your next battle. Twenty-four hour movement to a disaster is essential. Having worked in the field and seen the effect on homeless people, mostly in keeping families together, safe, is critical. Thank you and the agency on a job well done!

Are these units owned and maintained by FEMA or third party vendors?

Are all FEMA Trailers allowed to be placed in Florida, and does DMV regulate them. We have several people buying the older models and wanting to live in them full time. Sure could use some guidance.

Is FEMA looking for contractors to start hauling fema trailers into areas in Louisiana, where thousands of individuals have been displaced from there homes due to the historic flooding? I have done this work before and would like to start.

I have seen Katrina, that was nothing compared to this. My family's needs those Trailers Now, they have three homes just in my Immediate Family alone. All with 5 + Feet, over the roof at my Brother's. The longer the wait, the Longer no one can start working on homes. You can't be spread out staying at friends or shelters and work on your home, get business done...

we pull a travel trailer 30 airstream if ya'll are looking for trucks to pull these i would like to know were and how to get in touch thanks

I am staying with a friend now who wants me out by this friday which means i will be homless with my cat. I have no other friends or family who can help I need emergency assistance asap. I live off ssi, Please help me.


Are these going to be made available to the victims of Louisiana??? If so, how do you apply for one & how soon would they be available???

I live in Livingston Parish where so much damage was done. My home was destroyed by the rising water. I have to drive miles staying one place and then the other. The video was very informative. My property is big enough to allow one of these homes, allowing me to stay near the place that is dear to me while I rebuild. Thanks for the wonder video showing me the continuing improvements being made on these manufactured homes.

I live in Louisiana and many of our residents are in DIRE need for these FEMA trailers to live in right now, since their homes have been damaged by the flood in August. When can we get these trailers relocated to Livingston Parish in Louisiana?

Good morning, My wife and I have recently been impacted by the flooding in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. We have lost just about everything we had, and the old Cajun Style home that has been standing for a hundred years was completely ruined. It had only an inch of water in 1983, which was called the 100 year Amite River flood. This time we had 4.5-5 feet of water in the house depending on what room settled. The roof was also loosened and rain came into the attic, dripping down into the ceiling sheetrock. This means all insulation in the house must be removed, dried out, treated for mold and reinsulated. Sheet rock, and painting will come later. I thought about moving away from this area but we all love this area and it's been the only real home we ever had since I left the military in 1976. We have been temporarily staying at my sons small home in Walker, but it is very cramped. We actually have up to 8 adults there along with 3 dogs and a cat. Sometimes other friends and family will be there overnight and for hot meals. We are all very thankful to be alive and thank the Lord every day for sparing us from the flood. My wife and I will be 63 years old in November and December, and we both have chronic medical issues. There is no way we could have survived this without the help of family, friends, our employers, FEMA and God Almighty. I have already filed with FEMA for assistance in getting our home back into shape and they have been very helpful in our area. My next big effort will be to restore the house, which would be a lot easier if we could qualify for a FEMA trailer to be placed on site while we are working on this massive project. In addition to the house and all our personal effects, we lost a 1995 F150 pickup, and my 1997 Yamaha Motorcycle which I was using for the 30 mile ride back and forth to work each day. Any assistance or information would be greatly appreciated. God Bless America, Charles M. Cahill USMC Veteran 1972-1976

I recently retired from the Government and am living on a limited income. I would like to purchase a FEMA trailer for my residence since that is all I can afford. Can you please help me find one? Sarah Hassell 757 298 1877

I'm sleeping in a tent starving ! Please help me !!!! I need fema camper or trailer for 1 person ! A hotel !! Something !!! I've already applied taking WAY TO LONG !!! I need help

My home flooded (along with hundreds of others) with 18 inches due to heavy and sustained rainfall. I do not want to stay in a hotel offered by FEMA. I would like to stay on my property while it's being restored. How can I access one of these (or similar) temporary mobile homes/campers?

How much do these units cost?

I have spent my savings staying in various hotels and yes fema has refunded portions of what I spent but I am out of money and homeless again. I see the FEMA trailers being set up daily and call fema daily in hopes of getting into one but I am being given the run around and no one has tried to help me. It seems that because I am a renter my life doesn't matter as much as home owners. I am completely frustrated with chasing FEMA to be denied assistance 3 times now. I've lost everything including my dignity and now to be teased with the hope of a place to lay my head while I try to recoup my retirement is shameful. I am a 50 years old disabled woman with nothing but empty promises. No human deserves to be treated this way.

We are in need of a FEMA trailer we have been in and out of living in a motel our funds have runned out can y'all send some help asap our mobile home is unlivable & damaged destroyed this was inspected by 2 of the red cross inspectors please help we are so thankful to be alive. Youngsville la

Pamela I'm a third party vendor with 2009 TL Industries Park Model Homes for Sale These 2 bed - 1 bath Park Models were purchased from GSA / on the behalf of FEMA These were used as relief housing for the victims of the 2011 Minot, North Dakota Flood Please contact me if you are still needing housing

David I'm a third party housing provider. Do you have all the necessary licenses for moving FEMA trailers How many trucks and how many drivers?

Please help. My home is gone from Matthew!

We would like a FEMA trailer please becouse my son is going through for closer on his house n we don't have any place to stay .Please help us as soon as possible before we get kick out .thank you

How many of the new FEMA trailers are there? How many total trailers does FEMA intend to have in use and on standby?

How can my daughter apply for a FEMA trailer? She and her husband live in Albany, they have room on their property for a FEMA trailer. My daughter is a nurse, she works at a local hospital in Baton Rouge and in Hammond. Her Husband works in Gonzales. They are displaced right now with an 18 month baby and a second baby on the way. Please Help!!!!! God Bless and Thank you!!

is fema looking for contractors to haul and install in Robeson nc I have work performance in ivan Katrina and rita . a professional local contractor. I have experience in emergency group sites turn key installations. am tooled up ,vendors in place ready to go!

We were among the first to be inspected and approved for a handycap fema trailer in Zachary, La. The property was flagged were the mobile home would go and two weeks later the contractor to set the home up came by with a fema person and confermed the site. I am handycap Vietnam Veteran in dire need. Please don't pass me up.please.

How can you identify 10 year old fema mobile home?

Hello David, What aspect of placing the trailers have you done? Do you have equipment?

My mom home is non repairable. She has retired and cannot afford a new house. I wanted to be able to purchase a used housing unit for my mother. Please respond as I know this would be a worthy investment.

How do I find the contractor that oversees the FEMA trailers contact.

At the time of the flood we were renting our house from family and have since become owners. We are living in the unfinished house and sick constantly. Is there any way for us to be able to acquire a FEMA trailer now. We are desperate and tired of being sick. Please help!

Thought the "Shelter at Home" program was for the FEMA trailers (that's what i get for thinking)... not 15,000$ to make your house "habitable". If estimates were more than that... one might think that you would at least get advice/further instruction on what the next step might be. This is NOT the case. All of this talk about how wonderful these trailers are, and they do look nice parked all around my neighborhood... except for me.... A hard working, single home owner, that works the overnight shift; making any forward motion extremely hard to accomplish. i don't really care about all of the improvements. all i want is the number to call to get on the list???!!! is it just me who is having these issues?

Susan, my situation is quite similar to yours... if you happen across the number to call, would you please pass it along? i will do the same in return if i happen across it first. not that it helps our situation... but just know that you are not alone in this frustration!

I am a single mother of 4 young boys. On Friday we lost everything to a house fire. And would like to apply for a FEMA trailer.

I am so lost I lost everything I have ever owned in my life that I could actually say that was mine's and times when I think about it I cry because hurricane Matthew took everything I had now I don't have nothing no home to live in I been searching since October and still no help I am paying for y own hotel and I think it was wrong because I think I was treated very unfairly please help me I deserves one of those beautiful trailers thank you

I'm 50 years old and disabled. I am in school to get reeducated so I can go back to work. I have a v eye good g.p.a. I live with my elderly parents and they are about to move into a smaller house with no room for me. Can I get a fema trailer? Please help me.

Where can I buy a new improved fema trailer in Louisiana?? And what are the prices ranging from??

Are the FEMA units still available? Are these safe from formaldehyde exposure or live in at our own risk?

Hi I am a Amanda griffin an a single mom of 3 that is about to finally get a lil push after being relocated from the flood in coahoma county , loosing my car and job and becoming homeless for 6 months now Community action is supposed to help with housing but for minths doesnt reply answer my calls 9r wven look fir ys a house and funding ends in may through this process we lost our storage that contained everything we owned. Memories clothes beds furniture all kids things etc. I have recently gained employment only part time bc of no vehicle i can afford repair fees but we are slowly starting over . I am asking for help with things the kids need for the house if we get one and things I can't get them like nessesities bc the past six months have been hard on them, sleeping bathing situations etc. Finally they will be able to be safe and comfortable. I am not worried about myself as long as I can get help for them. I understand everyone has hard times and if u can't help it's OK maybe u know someone who can if please email me and let me know thank u so much and god bless for the kind things u are apart of. Sincerely Amanda griffin


Hello how can I purchase a FEMA trailer new or used and where? Preferably in or near NC. Thanks Cynthia

March 7 straight line winds came thru and tore The roof off my trailer a friend of mine set up a go fund me account and others on Facebook held an auction. I have. 1,900 to get a travel trailer to live in do you sell them? I am on very limited income that's all I could afford thank you for your time

Hi my name is ken. I'm a homeless disabled navy seal veteran. I'm looking for a cheap or free used female trailer or manufactured home to live in. I inherited 5 acres in Alturas ca. I could put a trailer or home on the property to live in. But unfortunately like I said I am a homeless veteran living on social security. But being I am on a fixed income I barely survive paycheck to paycheck. So I don't have money to build on my property or to put a house or trailer. So if you know where I might get help or find someone with b a free female trailer or manufactured home please let me know asap. Thank you for your time and consideration.

i make in ssd 900 a month and all my check is taken up in my bills 525 a month is the rent 230 is my electric bill 78 is my water bill and my children have to by my food . i need to get a place to live that can free up some money to feed me so my children dont have to

i am on ssd and need a trailer how do i apply fore one and is it free because i only get 900 a month

I am attempting to help homeless veterans here in Citrus County, Florida through a non-profit organization, the Mission in Citrus, that serves over 90% of the homeless and an increasing number of homeless veterans who seriously and desperately need to come out of tents in the woods and get housing. I am asking if there are available surpless Fema Trailers that could be given, or sold at a low cost, to house well over 100 veterans who live in the woods here in Citrus County, Florida. We owe so very much to our veterans and I am hoping that your agency can give a new life to these desperate veterans. Please, please consider this hope.