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How to Enjoy July 4th Festivities Like the “Ready Lady”


Photo of the American flag.

The 4th of July in Washington, DC is one of my most epic days of the year -- thousands of tourists and locals flock to the nation’s capital to check out the fireworks on the National Mall.  Who wouldn’t?  They are absolutely beautiful! This year, I will attend the Nationals baseball game (Let’s go Nats!) and then head over to the National Mall to check out the fireworks.

I will make sure that I am prepared to enjoy the day.  I have been accused over the years by many friends of being “overly prepared” for a day of fun, until one of my friends needs something like sunblock, Band-Aids, or pain meds -- then I am hero!  Here are the most important things that I plan for:

  • Did I check the forecastOne year I recall being absolutely miserable because I wore a sleeveless tank top and turned out looking and feeling like a lobster the next day. I got seriously burned and was miserable for about a week.  
  • Am I wearing appropriate clothes?  I will be taking public transportation and walking, so comfortable shoes will be THE MOST important thing I wear.
  • I will be gone for about 12 hours -- so, do I have everything I need? My metro card, credit cards, cell phone and medication. I also plan to check the events website of the Nationals and the National Mall to make sure I leave “prohibited items” at home.
  • It looks like this Saturday is going to be a hot one, so, I will definitely pack my sunblock, shades and a hat.
  • I will also pack a back-up battery for my cell phone, since I may not find a place to plug in.

I am sure the ball game will be a blast but I will have to remember to drink water! I am not the biggest fan of drinking water, but I am going to try and remember how I will feel later with a major migraine, after being out in the sun.

Before my group and I leave to go check out the fireworks on the National Mall I will talk to my friends about where we can meet up in case we get separated.  I usually choose a metro stop as a meeting place, but anywhere that people all know and understand works.  I’ve had past experiences at large events where cell towers become overloaded, and was unable to make a phone call or even send a text message.  

Again, my friends think I am “overly prepared,” but it’s better to have a plan just in case.  For me this is the best way as an emergency manager I can enjoy a large scaled event like the 4th of July in Washington, DC! After all, they don’t call me the “Ready lady” for nothing.

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