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Take Part in Building Safety Month


Each year at this time, millions of Americans celebrate the return of spring by reinvesting in the places and spaces where they work and live. Whether it's adding a new roof, a new room, or a new coat of paint, we get to work on projects big and small that help make our homes and businesses safer environments to make a life and living.

For the fifth consecutive year, President Obama has proclaimed May as National Building Safety Month to highlight the essential role that safe building codese and standards play in decreasing the damaging effects of disasters and breaking the cycle of human suffering associated with repeated disaster damage and injuries.

To mark National Building Safety Month this year, FEMA is strongly supporting our partners who promote the importance of disaster-resistant building codes and standards that can help communities reduce the impacts of natural disasters, protect the environment, and save energy.

Building codes are important because they translate into tangible, actionable things you should do as a homeowner or a business owner to make our buildings more resilient. Here are some examples of actions to take:

  • Elevating your home or business property
  • Using more resilient Construction Materials
  • Employing safe and sustainable design methods
  • Making smart energy choices

Throughout the month, there will be an array of community events, safety demonstrations, and educational outreach activities that are designed to promote awareness of the need for safe and sustainable structures where we live, work, and play.

Each week has a theme to show how "Building to Code" can have a profound on building and life safety:

  • Week One: Building Safety and Fire Protection
  • Week Two: Bounce Back Faster from Disaster
  • Week Three: Water Safe, Water Smart
  • Week Four: Save Energy

Here's more about International Code Council's Building Safety Month public outreach and education campaign.

To learn more about important steps you can take to help better prepare your home or business property by building stronger, safer structures, go to the International Code Council's website for additional information and resources

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