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Six Updates from Around the Agency


I wanted to write a quick update about a bunch of things going on at the agency right now – from fire grants to preparedness leaders to House of Cards.  There are a lot of updates below for different partners and customers.

First, House of Cards. I’m a fan too and one of our real life initiatives is highlighted in this season. Jessica Stapf blogged about it – and other then the program being in an episode, there are no spoilers in her blog post. This is the House of Cards blog post for you to read. Enjoy.

Second, preparedness leaders. The agency wants to recognize individuals and organizations who are true leaders in making their communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to bounce back after a disaster. If you know of someone like this or a great organization that fits this description, nominate them before April 10.

Third, fire departments. The application period is open for the Fire Prevention and Safety Grants. These are the grants that are available for fire departments and other eligible organizations to reduce death and injuries due to fire related hazards. The application period is open through April 17.

For National Flood Insurance policy holders who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, we know there are a lot questions and conversations about what’s next. The Deputy Associate Administrator for Insurance recorded a short video that is available on our new claims resource page.

For emergency managers, we have a new recovery coordination guide available for you and your colleagues. It’s meant to help local communities after an incident of any size or scale, to enable a more effective recovery process. Read the guide and share it with your colleagues.

And if you’re into open data and/or have heard the term “chief data officer” and wondered what it meant, check out this NextGov interview with Scott Shoup – he has a lot of great insight.

Have a great weekend.

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06/02/2017 - 09:22