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Learning How to Register for Disaster Assistance

Since Hurricane Isaac, FEMA has been busy helping survivors get the help they need. We learned that there are several places kids and their families can visit if they need help or have questions. First, we visited a Disaster Recovery Center in Louisiana.

A Disaster Recovery Center is where people can meet face to face with friendly FEMA staff. The people you meet at the center can teach people how they can get help after a disaster. So whether you are looking to learn who may be able to help fix your home or simply looking for information about how the recovery process works, we learned that a Disaster Recovery Center is a great place for people to visit. FEMA and other organizations are standing by ready to assist.

disaster recovery center

Even though we only visited one center, FEMA has set up many other Disaster Recovery Centers in both Louisiana and Mississippi. You can check out the Disaster Recovery Center Locator to find one near you!

If a survivor cannot visit a Disaster Recovery Center, we learned that there are three other ways to register for disaster assistance:

1. We visited, where families can apply online:

applying online

2. We also downloaded the FEMA App, where people can apply on their smartphone:

stella and fema app

3. Finally, people can apply for assistance on the telephone by calling 1-800-621-FEMA.

disaster help line

It is not just FEMA helping disaster survivors - so many groups are working hard to provide survivors with the help they need. We hope you can help us spread the word about all the ways Hurricane Isaac survivors can apply for assistance!

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09/14/2012 - 16:34

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