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Selection Process Commences


This past week we kicked off the paneling processes where Reservist Program Managers and cadre specific Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) pour over the applications, accumulated experience, and training & deployment records. The process is continuing this week and we expect to have selection determinations out to DAEs in August. I have reviewed the business process rules, the proposed workforce structures and the qualifications of those SMEs assigned to performing these tasks. I am confident that upon completion of this Reservist selection process we will have placed the right people, with the right skills into the positions that will benefit both the applicant and the organization.

I am extremely pleased that more than 7,300 DAEs applied for the Reservist Program. Because of your commitment to FEMA, we can rely on your experience and talent to serve disaster impacted communities and families.

Many of you asked great questions about a myriad of topics ranging from: benefits, career progression, FQS, force structure, and future workforce changes. We continue to work on these areas of interest and will convey this information as soon as it is available.

Phase II

The next round of applications for the Reservist Program will target gaps in force structure. In addition to the newly hired Reservist workforce, force structure will include PFT, CORE, FEMA Corps, and the DHS Surge workforce. Phase II applications will be open to all US citizens, including current DAEs and converted CORE and local hires.

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06/02/2017 - 09:27