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It’s Wednesday: What’s in your car?


It’s the middle of the week, “Hump Day” and most of us have begun the countdown until the weekend. Maybe your weekend plans include staying home to get some much needed R&R. Or maybe you are looking forward to going to a nearby park or to spending time with family.

If your weekend plans include taking a drive in your car or truck, take a minute during the rest of this week to make sure you have supplies in case an emergency should happen. Having emergency supplies in your vehicle could prove useful in situations ranging from popping a tire to being caught in a sudden flash flood. So take a quick inventory of the supplies in your car or truck and make sure it’s ready for wherever your weekend plan may take you.

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06/02/2017 - 09:27


A good pair of walking shoes/boots is also a good idea, since we are often going somewhere that we are rather dressed up for. After a big ewarthquake it may take some time and walking to get home. And in Seattle I always have a decent rainsuit too. In the winter I keep gloves, a hat and an extra coat as well. My daughter objected when I put those things in her car and she actually thanked me recently because she ended up standing in the rain for a while, not during a disaster, and was grateful for the coat and raincoat. Eventually "kids" realize that their parents actually know a thing or 2. Glad I lived long enough to experience that;>)