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“Every Employee is an Emergency Manager” and FEMA’s Workforce Transformation


Last Thursday, February 1, Deputy Administrator Rich Serino announced the Employee Workforce Transformation -- a new disaster workforce-centric program aimed at ensuring we at FEMA, are the most prepared, well trained, informed, and engaged emergency management team possible.

Under the theme, every employee is an emergency manager, the re-organization aims to harness the dedication and expertise of every employee. Throughout 2012, FEMA will be placing significant emphasis on developing and implementing a number of key initiatives to improve and enhance the work experience of the total disaster workforce.

In his memo to staff, Deputy Administrator Serino noted:

FEMA’s fundamental goal, and the inspiration and motivation for many FEMA employees, is to serve the Nation by helping its people and first responders, especially when they are most in need. Employees from all parts of the agency have expressed a desire to provide support to our response and recovery activities during disasters.

Whether you are a part-time, full-time, permanent or temporary employee, this Disaster Workforce Transformation will benefit the agency in many significant ways to include: 
  • Focusing on training and certifying the entire workforce for incident management and incident support positions in the field—to ensure we are all prepared to conduct and support FEMA’s emergency management missions;
  • Preparing and planning for expected disaster work so that employees will be aware of their role and contribution when activated to assist field operations, headquarters or regional command centers;
  • Ensuring that there is ongoing, two-way communication with all employees, including the reserve workforce, even when not deployed. This includes weekly email communication on agency activities and a dedicated employee focused web-site that is accessible to everyone; and
  • Providing defined career paths within FEMA and fostering a talented, trained pool of emergency management professionals to meet our Nation’s needs for the future.

Starting today and continuing over the next several weeks, town hall meetings will be held at the regional offices, joint field offices and other FEMA facilities for employees to learn more about the initiative and, more importantly, so they can their thoughts and suggestions.

On behalf of FEMA leadership, I want to encourage all FEMA employees to participate, either in person or by conference call in the town hall meetings. Visit the Employee Information & Resource Center for more information about the town hall meetings and the Workforce Transformation initiative, as well as other employee-related updates.

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