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Share Your Ideas to Help Strengthen the Nation’s Preparedness


Earlier this year, President Obama released a policy directive aimed at strengthening the security and resilience of the United States: Presidential Policy Directive 8 (PPD-8): National Preparedness.

With your help, FEMA and its partners have created a National Preparedness Goal, which sets the vision for building a more resilient and secure nation, and a National Preparedness System, which identifies the programs, processes and tools for achieving that vision. Now, we are focusing on the next set of activities.

This is where you come in: Today, we’re launching an ongoing dialogue and are asking for input as we develop the next documents to meet the milestones required by the policy directive. We need your suggestions and comments across a variety of topics. This can include your general views on preparedness, such as a successful approach that your community or organization has used to assess preparedness; examples of how you, your business, or community as a whole collaborates with local law enforcement officials and federal authorities to help identify potential threats or prevent incidents; and stories of how local government and private sector stakeholders interact in your community to support emergency response needs during disasters. These are just a few of the many topics we will be discussing.

Visit and click on the link for ‘Presidential Policy Directive 8’ to provide your ideas. You also may view, comment and vote on other people’s ideas.

We appreciate your help as we continue our efforts to make the nation more resilient and secure.

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06/02/2017 - 09:28


I think there should be a public FEMA/federal TV programing once a week covering safetly prepareness - MAYBE only a 3 minutes information session that the general public can view during the eveing News. All major TV station must participate such as CNN, FOX, etc. Not all people have internet but I am sure they watch the news and weather segments.

While they may be expensive to produce, the CERT training vidoes online are excellent. If there was an index of publicly available training videos online that did not require all of the effort of a drilldown online search, that would be valuable. These would be a resource for small group discussions or for short service club presentations. It would help get the word out.

Offer an IRS tax credit (maybe $50-$100)(per household) for proof of successfully completing the FEMA IS 22 or similiar.

I have just taken the NIMS 100,200 and 700 online classes and the test as a condition of employment with a local police department. I wanted to suggust two items with regard to taking the test. First, it is recomended that test takers print the answers as the test is taken. When printing the answers multiple pages are generated that are not needed for the answers. Consideration could be given to the amount of paper that is wasted in this process. Secondly, when the taker of the test passes he/she is only given a "pass" indication. If the taker has missed a question they are not given a chance to review the proper answer. This could leave the participant working within the NIMA system utilizing an incorrect principal.