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Over the past few days, we’ve shared a lot of stories about how the Joplin community has pulled together to make sure their students could start their school year on time, after the devastating tornado earlier this spring. As the students in Joplin return to school today, we wanted to share some additional stories.

The Los Angeles Times had a touching article, “In Shattered Joplin, Kids Head Back to Class,” which told several personal stories from teachers and students who recall what it was like on May 22 when the tornado ripped through their city and schools. Seven students and one staff member died that day.

And the Joplin Globe wrote a story today that explained how Joplin schools are ready to help students through those emotional struggles many are still coping with. Several counseling organizations will be available at the school to help provide support to the kids who are still struggling.

The articles celebrate the start of a new school year despite all the obstacles the community has faced. School spirit remained high as the students and staffs of relocated Joplin schools moved into modular units, patiently waiting for their permanent school buildings.

And earlier in the week, Joplin Schools Assistant Superintendent Dr. Angie Besendorfer shared her thoughts on the progress:

Everyone is pulling together to get things ready. The arrival of the modulars, early on, said 'something's working,' and that was a lift. They are nice classrooms! They have windows and great lighting, they are a nice place to be and the teachers want to be there.

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