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And the Winner is…


I'm proud to announce that the winner is the Map Your Neighborhood program submitted by Penny W. Here’s a little bit about the program from Penny’s submission:

It [the Map Your Neighborhood program] involves meeting with a small group of your neighbors to set up a plan for evacuation, rescue, etc. in the event of a disaster. You physically draw a diagram of your neighbor's homes to include gas shut-offs, water shut-offs, etc. You also inquire and make a list of who has a ladder, chain-saw, rope, muscular strength, or who can provide childcare so others can go to the aid of surrounding neighbors and so on. It is a very easy program to understand and does not rely on a large group to participate, just you and your immediate neighbors. It teaches basic preparedness and give some insight as to what may be needed and who, in your own neighborhood, is able to provide it.

Note: Map Your Neighborhood is a program from the Washington State Emergency Management Division.

Getting prepared in your neighborhood is one of the most important things you can do, because the more prepared you and your community are, the quicker you will bounce back after a disaster.

You can learn more about the Map Your Neighborhood program on the Washington State Emergency Management Division website, and although we only have one winner, there were over 150 ideas submitted, so take another look at some of the submissions to see if you can implement one of them in your community.

As we continue to work with the whole community (federal, tribal, state, and local governments, non-profit and voluntary organizations, the private sector, and the public) to respond to and recover from the recent disasters, we are continuing to encourage individuals, families, and businesses to prepare before the next disaster strikes. And as we all know, hurricane season officially started yesterday, and NOAA is predicting another busy hurricane season. Don’t forget to visit and

Congratulations again to Penny W. and the State of Washington Emergency Management Division and thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the challenge.

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06/17/2012 - 13:22


Great stuff!! and Congratulations Map Your Neighborhood and Washington State Emergency Management Division. This is a wonderful program!

Congratulations Penny! Map Your Neighborhood is a great program! Keep up the good work!

The winning submission is neither new nor innovative. It is an extension of a basic tenet of any local preparedness program: know your neighbors. This program, Map Your Neighborhood, has previously won awards as far back as 2009! Nor does this submission comply with the rules of the contest as Penny W. does not work for the Washington Emergency Management Department nor did she develop the program, she can not possibly own the copyright to this idea nor grant FEMA a license to distrbute it. Even though this challege was plagued with problems, I and others were hopeful that FEMA would select a winner that is innovative, creative, and above all new to the field. I find that FEMA's selction of this submission is a cop-out and a disappointment.

Excellent Choice!!

With permission from State of Washington Emergency Mgt. Division, my nonprofit COPE Preparedness is conducting the Map Your Neighborhood program in the communities in and around Los Angeles, CA. It is a wonderful program and I am pleased to see it get the recognition it deserves. We all know that community preparedness is the first response in a disaster. Congrats!!<br />Lonna Calhoun, CEM<br />President<br />COPE Preparedness


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