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Midwest Storms Recap 2: Overview of Federal Family's Support For States' Response Efforts


Since the deadly tornadoes first struck parts of the country last week, the federal government has been in constant contact with all of the impacted states as they responded to and began recovery efforts from these devastating storms.

The administration, through FEMA, is committed to bringing all of the resources of the federal family to bear to support Missouri and the other states devastated by the deadly tornadoes and storms this weekend.

Through our regional offices in Kansas City, MO and Chicago, IL, has been in close contact and coordination with the states since the storms first struck, and has already deployed staff and resources to the impacted areas in Missouri to help with response needs.

Here is a recap of the support efforts of the federal family:

Tuesday, May 24

  • President Obama announces he will be visiting the Joplin area, this weekend.
  • President Obama and DHS Secretary Napolitano continue receiving regular updates on the response efforts by FEMA senior leadership.
  • FEMA Administrator Fugate and Deputy Administrator Serino are touring affected areas in Missouri and meeting  with state and local officials, first responders and representatives of voluntary organizations to ensure the state has what they need as response efforts continue.
  • Through its regional offices in Kansas City, Missouri and Denton, Texas, FEMA continues monitoring severe weather forecasted for Joplin, Missouri, as well as parts of Kansas and Oklahoma.
  • A NOAA/National Weather Service forecaster, mission assigned by FEMA, is en route to provide an on-scene meteorologist for Joplin, Missouri to help monitor/warn of the potential and ongoing severe weather in the area.
  • Joint state/federal Preliminary Damage Assessments are scheduled for Hennepin County, Minnesota on Thursday, May 26, 2011. These damage assessments are the first step in helping a governor determine whether the scope of the damages are beyond what the state is capable of handling and if additional federal assistance is needed.
  • A federal mortuary assistance team is en route to the area, to assist the state and local governments.
  • Missourians who need shelter information or referrals are urged to call 2-1-1, or 800-427-4626, or go to for a list of open shelters. For individuals with hearing loss, use 711 or video relay service (VRS) to call 211 or the 800-427-4626.
  • The Missouri State Emergency Management Agency has established a web portal at // to help with coordinating donations and volunteers.  Cash is the preferred method of donation in order to ensure that disaster survivors get the services and supplies they need quickly.
  • For those who have been affected in Minnesota or other states outside Missouri or those who want to help can visit /howtohelp
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