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May 24: Monitoring Severe Weather in Central U.S. as Missouri Tornado Response Continues


As we continue to support the states’ efforts to recover from the deadly tornadoes that struck over the weekend, we are also closely monitoring the threat of severe weather today for the central U.S., including in Joplin, Mo. The National Weather Service is forecasting severe storms (with the possibility of tornadoes) for parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri – if you’re in the area, make sure you are prepared for potential severe weather:

  • Have a safe place to go in case a severe storm or tornado is imminent. The safest place is inside, in an interior room on the lowest level away from windows.
  • Make sure your emergency kit is ready, and that you bring it with you to your safe place. An emergency kit should have enough food and supplies to sustain you and your family for up to 72 hours. (Visit for more information.)
  • Stay informed of your latest forecast by following local news and weather reports, and have a battery operated radio handy in case the power goes out. If local authorities give an order to take shelter, go to your safe place immediately, and wait for additional guidance from local officials.

As the latest line of severe weather crosses the Central U.S., we continue to work closely with those states struck by the devastating tornadoes over the weekend. Today, Administrator Craig Fugate is in Joplin, to meet with state and local officials to ensure they have the resources they need as response efforts continue and they start looking toward recovery. He will be joined by Deputy Administrator Rich Serino, who spent yesterday on the ground in Joplin surveying damage and visiting with local officials and disaster survivors.

President Obama has pledged the full support of the federal government, through FEMA, to those in Joplin, and also announced he will be there on Sunday to visit with survivors.

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