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Connecting the Private Sector to Emergency Response


As FEMA continues to support our state partners across the country as they respond to and recover from disaster, its important to remember that FEMA is just part of an emergency management team that includes the entire federal family, state, local and tribal governments, the faith-based and non-profit communities and the public.  In addition, a crucial component of our nation’s capability to respond to and recover from disasters rests in the private sector.

Understanding the unique capabilities that businesses have to contribute, FEMA has expanded its capability to communicate, cultivate and advocate for collaboration with the U.S. private sector.

Since November 2010, FEMA’s Private Sector Division has continued to host representatives’ rotations in our National Response and Coordination Center, the nerve center of our ongoing response and recovery efforts. The main responsibility of these representatives is to participate in the National Response and Coordination Center when it’s activated, establishing vital relationships between government and the private sector. 

A billboard tells disaster survivors how to register for federal disaster assistance.

Tuscaloosa, AL, May 6, 2011 -- High above the catastrophic damage wrought by an F5 tornado, an operational electronic billboard flashes important assistance information to Tuscaloosa, Alabama survivors.  The billboard is just one example of effective partnerships with the private sector to assist disaster survivors.

When the deadly tornadoes and storms struck much of the southeast in April, the private sector representative worked to keep more than 200 private sector organizations informed with situation reports and status updates.  They also provided essential information back to FEMA on store openings, closures, conditions and challenges.

As a result of the Private Sector Representative position, we continue to build stronger ties with the private sector, and as a team we are more prepared than ever before.

I would also like to call special attention to the private sector representatives that have participated so far.  Katie Dempsey, from Target Stores Incorporated, was the first private sector representative to participate in this program from November 2010 – February 2011.

Doug Selby, from Big Lots, served from February – April 2011 and was followed by LaNile Dalcour of Brookfield Properties, who is currently serving as the private sector representative.

Interested candidates should contact for more information on rotational dates available.

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