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What We’re Watching: 4/1/11

Midwest flood fight

As spring moves on, the combination of melting snow and rain showers often brings an elevated risk of flooding for many parts of the country. Preparing for and combating flooding in the upper Midwest has been a focus of this blog, and members of the emergency management team are continuing to do their part in the affected areas.

We currently have an incident support base in the upper Midwest to further enhance our ability to quickly move needed supplies throughout the states affected by spring flooding, should they be needed and requested. We are closely monitoring the situation through our Regional offices in Chicago, Denver, and Kansas City, and stand ready to assist our partners if called upon.

For those in the upper Midwest, or other areas susceptible to flooding, check out this story from the Cherokee Chronicle Times (Iowa) about the dangers of driving through flood waters, even if they appear to be shallow.

Severe weather outlook

For the next few days, the National Weather Service is calling for heavy precipitation for nearly the entire eastern half of the U.S., along with parts of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. In the south, drought conditions continue while conditions in the southwest are favorable for wildfires.

You can view your local forecast at, or see this map for the nationwide forecast.


Emergency managers share best practices

Whatever your profession may be, it’s always helpful when peers and colleagues have a venue to share lessons they have learned while performing their craft. If you are an emergency responder, there’s a place to do just that -- share your expertise and learn from others. The Lessons Learned & Information Sharing portal serves as the national, online network of lessons learned, best practices, and innovative ideas for the emergency management and homeland security communities. Check it out for front-line expertise on effective planning, training, and operational practices, including their latest additions:

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