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Although Flood Safety Awareness Week comes to an end today it is just the beginning of a very busy flood season, as announced yesterday by the National Weather Service (NWS) in their annual spring outlook.

As flood season continues, you can share flood safety tips directly from FEMA on your website by using our flooding widget.  The widget provides current flood conditions, links to, interactive flood risk resources and other critical flood insurance information to help citizens get prepared for potential flooding.  And as the year goes on, the information and links in the widget will automatically update to reflect the flooding risks of the current/upcoming season.

Sounds great – how do I use it on my website? 

A widget is simply a piece of reusable code that can be embedded on a website – allowing multiple sites to display the same graphic and information.  So if you manage your own website, simply insert the code onto a web page that has sufficient space to display the widget.  If your site is managed by a web manager, then send them the code below, along with the place you would like the widget to display.

Copy this code for the Are you prepared for flooding? (English) Widget:

Copy this code for the Are you prepared for flooding? (Spanish) Widget:

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