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Celebrating Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

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Today's earthquake and the resulting tsunami are another reminder of the need to plan for the entire community and not just plan for the easy scenarios following a disaster, as Administrator Fugate often says. Along with the National Disability Rights Network and other leaders and advocates from across the disability community, we signed a memorandum of agreement today at the White House.  This agreement solidifies a partnership in working together to make sure we are planning for and meeting the needs of people with disabilities before, during, and after disasters strike.

Here's an excerpt from the White House Blog:

Under the leadership of President Obama and Administrator Fugate, we are changing all of this. We have taken several concrete steps already. And as Administrator Fugate said at today’s MOA signing – we must plan for the whole of community up front, with FEMA as just one part of the emergency management team.

Today’s agreement helps strengthen the relationship that Administrator Fugate and his team have already developed with the National Disability Rights Network and other key stakeholders. It will help FEMA do two critical things:

  • First, it helps us plan for the needs of the entire community, for any disaster. That means planning for the needs of people with disabilities, young children, seniors, and all members of the “real” community.
  • Second, it’s another step toward bringing the collective resources of the entire community to the table to help meet those needs.

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This is great news!

What about helping the disabled with a 3 Day Emergency Kit? <br /><br />Many live on a tight budget, some are incapable of putting together a proper and life saving kit. Having everything in one place, or in a back pack/ duffle bag would make things easier for them to react to an emergency. Not to mention the peace of mind for the individual.<br /><br />Gina

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